John Friend, founder of Anusara yoga

This is the time for a new paradigm…or so says Mr. Friend. I hope John Friend will approve of the following condensation of his 15 minutes of poetry, it’s a poor replica, but heartfelt.  So, without further ado: here it is, the bullet points of his spoken word loveliness:

John Friend, founder of Anusara yoga (Credit: Mark Sullivan, WireImage)

(He also gets the Best Line of the Evening Award for:  “All the opposites come together as contrary compliments.”  (Love that.))

John Friend’s 5 Principles (to create a new paradigm)…

1.  Be like the sky. Be open, have a beginner’s mind.

2.  Be like the Earth.  Embody your deep talents. (Like blogging.  Um…wait…).

3.  Be like water.  Feel.  Be fluid, be sensitive, be compassionate. (Yes, yes, and double yes)

4.  Be like fire.  Have a burning for the highest.  Aspire to serve.  Dare to be courageous no matter the darkness.

5.  Be like air.  Like the wind, that can move around any problem.  Be imaginative and innovative.

Jason Mraz & John Friend (Credit: Mark Sullivan, WireImage)

In a nutshell: start fresh, be steady, feel deeply, burn with the desire to evolve, and let your mind and your heart be flexible and inventive.


– Lia Aprile, guest Leaders Causing Leaders blogger

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